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Name of Governing Body: Rose Bridge Academy

The remit for the Governing Body is to:

Governing Body Composition

Type of Governor No.
Chair 1
Co-opted 3
Headteacher 1
Parent 2
Staff 2
Associate Members 2
Name of Governor Type of Governor Term of Office Date of Appointment Date of Resignation (if within 12 months) Appointing Body
Jim Nicholson Parent 4 Years 01/03/15 Parents
Jan Fisher Parent 4 Years 01/03/15 Parents
Peter Harmer Chair 4 Years 01/03/15 Governing Body
Ian Davies Co-opted 4 Years 01/03/15 14/02/17 Governing Body
Jeff Morgan Co-opted 4 Years 01/03/15 31/08/17 Governing Body
Richard Metcalfe Co-opted 4 Years 01/09/16 Governing Body
Gill Edwards Staff 4 Years 01/03/2015 Staff
Chris Clothier Staff 4 Years 01/03/2015 Staff
Sue Darbyshire Trust 4 Years 01/03/2015 Trust
Jack Pugh Trust 4 Years 01/03/2015 Trust
Suzanne Ritchie Parent 4 Years 01/09/2017 Parents
Susan Middleton Parent 4 Years 01/09/2017 Parents

Specific Responsibilities

Responsibility Name
Safeguarding / Child Protection / SEN Governor Jan Fisher
Vulnerable groups Governor (including Pupil Premium and Looked after Children) Jim Nicholson
Finance Governor J Morgan
Teaching, Learning and Outcomes Governor Peter Harmer
Personal Development and Behaviour Governor R Metcalfe
H&S Governor Mark Rowlands

Committee Structure

Ad-hoc Committees:

Three governors with no prior knowledge will be called alphabetically to form the committee.

Terms of reference for all committees are available on request from the school.

Register of Interests

Name Details of Pecuniary Interest Details of Personal Interest
Sue Darbyshire CFAT, Kingsbridge, Wigan Road Management Company None
Jack Pugh CFAT Director None
Peter Harmer None Related to member of staff
Chris Clothier None None
Gill Edwards None None
Ian Davies Sole proprietor of own business None
Jan Fisher None Parent Governor
Jeff Morgan None None
Jim Nicholson None Parent governor

Record of Attendance

Name Meeting Dates
Jim Nicholson
Jan Fisher
Peter Harmer
Ian Davies (Resigned)
Jeff Morgan
Gill Edwards
Chris Clothier
Sue Darbyshire
Jack Pugh
Richard Metcalfe
Scheme of Delegation CFAT CFAT Governance Handbook Governors Specific Responsiblities

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