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Art & Photography

Art Aims

The aim of the Art & Design department is to provide appropriate opportunities and experiences for students to achieve their optimum potential. Art & Design is primarily concerned with practical and technical capabilities but the associated aspects of knowledge and understanding are also vital components for all students.

Year 7

Art in Year 7 allows students to build knowledge, confidence and understanding of both the key elements of Art and some of modern Art’s key pioneers. The year is structured in a way that it supports students understanding of line, shape, colour theory as well as structure and key contextual references from modern art. Students study Art through six mini project’s: Skills Building, Matisse and colour, Mondrian and Line, The life and work of Picasso, Pixar and graphic design and finally Henry Moore 3D Sculptures.

Year 8

Students are expected to explore themes in further detail than Year 7 and the first term is built around the notion of Portraiture and Self Identity. Students explore drawing in proportion, and the use of tone, through to application of paint and distinct stylings such as that of British artists Julian Opie and Luke Dixon. This is further developed by exploring the world of self-identity and how we represent ourselves through Art.

The second term see’s students explore the world of landscape Art, from the classical use of colour by the fauvists to more abstract interpretations by modern artists. Students are encouraged to explore the world around them and express it through a variety of methods.

Year 9

Students who have opted for Art now receive three hours a week specialist training in either Fine Art or Photography. Those opting for Fine Art will explore the themes of Cool Britannia & Street Art. These modern exciting themes allow students to assess modern design and art and its place in an ever changing world. They are asked to consider outcomes that explore social influence and become more analytical of the world around them.

The final term is set to see the Arts Award launched with students getting the opportunity to be accredited by the Arts Council’s flagship programme for Arts understanding and participation.


Following the AQA specification, students undertake a two year GCSE. 60% of the course is a portfolio that in total shows explicit coverage of the four assessment objectives. It must include a sustained project evidencing the journey from initial engagement to the realisation of intentions and a selection of further work undertaken during the student’s course of study. Students currently undertake projects exploring Abstract Art, City life & Bright Lights, and Pop Art but they also in discussion with their teacher are allowed to explore work they feel benefits their portfolio appropriately. The remaining 40% of the grade is formed through the external assessment or component 2 comprises of students responding to their chosen starting point from an externally set assignment paper relating to their subject title, evidencing coverage of all four assessment objectives.

GCSE Photography

Students in GCSE Photography will explore relevant images, artefacts and resources relating to lens-based and light-based media from the past and from recent times, including European and non–European examples which should be integral to the investigating and making process. Responses to these examples must be shown through practical and critical activities which demonstrate the candidates' understanding of different styles, genres and traditions. Students should work in one or more areas of lens-based and light-based media such as those listed below. They may explore overlapping and combinations of areas:

Some areas of study may also be relevant to other endorsements; animation and film methods within Photography: lens-based and light-based media can be used for a variety of purposes and needs dependent on the requirements of the project undertaken.

Students are required to integrate critical, practical and theoretical study in lens-based and light-based media that encourages direct engagement with original work and practice. Where direct engagement may not be possible, the expectation is that work should include appropriate and explicit critical study. Students will be expected to demonstrate practical skills in the context of specific chosen areas of study or any combined areas of study.

Skills and Techniques

Students will be expected to demonstrate skills and techniques in the context of their chosen area(s) of study within the use of photography: lens-based and light-based media as follows:

Knowledge and Understanding

Candidates must show a knowledge and understanding of:

Current Staff:

Mr S Chilvers : Subject Leader Art/Technology
Miss K Stubley : Teacher of Art
Mrs D Halliwell : Technician