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Design Technology

The Department

The aim of the Design and Technology department is to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

The department consists of a Product Design classroom with PCs and a laser cutter, a purpose built room for practical Food lessons and a computer suite. Within the area we have over 40 PCs.

Year 7

In Key Stage 3, students have one hour of D&T per week. Year 7 begins with the students learning the basics of the software that they will use throughout KS3. Once confident with using the D&T software, students build their knowledge, confidence and understanding of the Design Process through several design and make assignments. As well as working in the Product Design classroom, the students have lessons in the Food room.

Year 8

Students build on what they have learnt in Year 7 looking at modern technologies and materials and the way in which they are influencing the world in which we live in. CAD/CAM plays a more important part of the students’ studies and the laser cutter is used in several of their projects. Once again, the students have the opportunity to experience some Food Technology.

Year 9

Students who have opted for Design and Technology receive three hours a week and their studies expand on what they have learnt in KS3. Design and Technology as a subject is going through massive changes at the moment and it is a really exciting time to be involved in the subject. Having much more time in the week allows the students to go into increased depth when designing and making their products.

GCSE Design and Technology

Following the AQA specification, students undertake a two year GCSE. 50% of the course is a design and make controlled assessment. For this, the students carry out research into a given Design Brief, before developing their ideas and producing a suitable prototype. This is then evaluated and possible modifications to their initial design are made. The other 50% of the grade is accessed by an external examination which covers all areas of Design and Technology.

Current Staff:

Mr T Machaj : Teacher of D & T
Mrs D Halliwell : Technician