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We live in a world of amazing beauty, complexity and challenge. Geography is the subject which opens the door to this dynamic world and prepares each one of us for the role of global citizen in 21st century. Through studying geography, students will begin to appreciate how places and landscapes are formed, how people and environments interact, what consequences arise from our everyday decisions, and what a diverse range of cultures and societies exist and interconnect.

Geography is a subject which builds young people's own experiences, helping them formulate questions, develop their intellectual skills and find answers to issues affecting their lives. It introduces them to distinctive investigative tools such as maps, fieldwork and the use of powerful digital communication technologies.

It opens their eyes to the beauty and wonder around them and acts as a source of inspiration and creativity. More than this, it ensures that they appreciate the complexity of attitudes and values which shape the way we use and misuse the environment. Through geography, people learn to value and care for the planet and all its inhabitants - Adapted from QCA.

Key Stage 3

When your child attends Rose Bridge Academy they will study a wide range of geographical topics at key stage 3. Each topic is deigned to flow seamlessly into a KS4 GCSE curriculum.

Key stage 3 Geography topics include:

Key Stage 4

Students at key stage 4 follow the Geography AQA syllabus. This is a content rich course developing appreciation of both physical and human aspects of geography. A deeper understanding of the world we live in will enable students to develop important skills that will prepare students well for further education and employment. Key Stage 4 students will study the following themes:

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment

Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment

Paper 3: Geographical applications.


During the time your son or daughter studies Geography at Rose Bridge Academy there will be opportunity for two compulsory fieldwork visits. Each will have a particular focus on either the human environment or the physical environment. From 2018 onwards fieldwork is assessed through examinations (paper 3) and therefore it is imperative that students gain key understanding of geographical investigations and independent research. Fieldwork is an integral part of the National Curriculum and all GCSE syllabuses. It allows students to develop key skills such as observations and surveying. Fieldwork also enriches learning that has taken place within classroom. Recent places visited, include Liverpool, Bowness on Windermere and Ingleborough Caves.