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Small Learning Community

About the SLC

The Small Learning Community (SLC) offers a unique and bespoke curriculum experience to students at Rose Bridge Academy.

The provision is accessible for approximately 10% of each cohort that are identified as having specific learning needs on entry. The composition of the SLC is not just low level of attainment on entry; it may be students at transition who are identified as requiring specific support for emotional and social reasons.

Raising self-esteem, confidence and aspirations alongside developing social interaction skills are also an important part of the work undertaken in the SLC. A small team of dedicated teaching and support staff, trained in a variety of interventions, work with the students in a nurturing environment throughout the school day.

We begin with Breakfast Club from 8.00 am each day and students have access to the SLC base and the staff during break and lunchtime, when activities are available for students to engage with (e.g. board games, Magnetix, computers, colouring, DVDs, conversing with staff). After school staff are available to help students with homework, reading, spelling, times tables practice etc.

The Curriculum

At KS3 our SLC students follow the main school curriculum with the exception of a Modern Foreign Language. They access their English and Maths lessons within our SLC area in school, benefitting from a high level of differentiation and support to improve their literacy and numeracy skills using a kinaesthetic/visual style of delivery that supports multisensory experiential learning opportunities.

At KS4 the needs of the students are considered before a bespoke Options Package is created to allow access to a curriculum which meets their differing needs whilst ensuring excellent outcomes. This offer is reviewed annually depending on each different cohort.

Our SLC is seen as a model of good practice throughout the authority and our students flourish and gain confidence from the opportunities for overlearning of basic skills in literacy and numeracy.