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Exam Guidance

2018 Summer Provisional Exam Series

Monday 14th May First exam on the provisional timetable
Friday 15th June Last exam on the provisional timetable

Student holidays need to be outside these dates to ensure no exams are missed. Any time authorised/unauthorised before these dates needs to be checked with class teachers due to controlled assessments taking place.

Exam Timetable

General Information

Improving your GCSE Coursework, general points that apply to all subjects:

Download a Revision Timetable (Word) Download a Revision Timetable (PDF)

Revision Guidelines

Revision Techniques

Preparing for your Exam

Make sure you are ready on the day; you will need:

You may sometimes need (check with your subject teacher):

Don’t forget you can make notes or practise calculations on the question paper; you don’t need scrap paper.

Tackling the Exam

Important Links

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