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Your First Day

What will happen on your first day?

You should arrive by 8.45am and wait on the rear yard outside the Sports Hall.

You will then be taken to the Small Sports Hall for a short assembly and to meet your Personal Tutor.

What will I need to bring on the first day?

Please bring everything you need in a proper school bag. (This is essential for many reasons).

A pencil case containing a pen, pencil, rubber and ruler.

Make sure that all your uniform, bag and equipment is marked clearly with your name.

When you're with your Personal Tutor you will be given your student planner and your timetable.

Where will I go at break times?

Break is from 11.00am until 11.20am.

You are allowed to go onto the rear yard or stay inside on the downstairs corridors.

All other areas are out of bounds.

What will happen at lunch times?

The school has two canteens which serve a variety of hot and cold meals.

You much stay on school premises during lunchtimes and you can either buy a school meal or bring a packed lunch.

A cafeteria system operates although you have a free choice you are strongly advised to follow a healthy balanced diet. There is a "Healthy Eating" dining room and you may eat your packed lunches in this area.

After you have eaten your lunch you will go outside until the bell rings for your next lesson.

If the weather is bad you go to the long corridor after you have eaten your lunch or remain in the canteens.

All food must be eaten inside the dining room and not outside, in the classrooms or on the corridors.

You will be supervised by welfare assistants, as well as teachers, and their instructions must be followed at all times.

What form will I be in?

You will register in your form room every morning.

You will be in a teaching group for your lessons. Your teaching groups and form groups will be explained to you on your first day.